Independant Motorcyle Riders

The Independent Motorcycle Riders of Natchitoches is an organization dedicated to riding for the pure joy of riding, as well as a way to better the communities in which we live in and around. Our organized rides are not just limited to local rides, we frequently travel throughout the state, as well as a few neighboring states.

Our love of riding brings us together and gets us involved in many charity rides, and volunteer work throught our communities. Our members will frequently help out other organizations as well by doing some volunteer work. Almost any event in the area involving riding, and you are sure to find some of our members there.

The Independent Motorcycle Riders of Natchitoches has no organized structure as far as a president, secretary, etc.. is concerned. Our organization is structured like this so we can truly stay independent and ride just for ourselves. This allows us to go on rides by ourselves, and not have to travel as a full organization. Most of our members have full time jobs, and this is a way for us to get together on our days off and enjoy the outdoors. Come out and join us for a ride and come enjoy what motorcycling is all about. The brotherhood, freedom, and enjoyment of being out in the environment, and not being trapped inside looking out at it will allways keeps us comming back for more.

2014 Natchitoches Meat Pie Festival … Co-Sponsored by the Natchitoches Tri-Centennial Celebration

Meat Pie Festival

15th Annual Cane River Run hosted by The Independent Motorcycle Riders of Natchitoches “Lotta, hotta meat pies, music and more”

You’re invited to the 12th annual Natchitoches Meat Pie Festival and 15th annual River Run being held in historic Natchitoches, Louisiana. The festival will take place at the downtown riverbank along the fabled Cane River Lake.

The Natchitoches Meat Pie Festival is sponsored by: Independent Motorcycle Riders of Natchitoches City of Natchitoches Natchitoches Historic District Development Commission Natchitoches Tri-Centennial Celebration

For a Complete Listing of Events/Activities/Scheduled Performers/Stage Times Please Check out our Festival Page.

Members at the Thunder on the River Rally

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